Porthales of Salem, OR

Use at your own risk - stay on pedestrian paths. Don't play with manholes. Need I say - this is pure fiction.

In the city of Salem, something mysterious is going on. There appears to be a change in the ~10,000 manholes that line our streets. They seem to have transformed into portals with a destination, a code name, and a risk level.

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Is this a porthole or a portal? It's a 'porthale' (both). You decide whether to glimpse or transport your imagination into these realms. I encourage you to write, wax poetic, discuss, and imagine. As you walk - what do you ponder?

If you want to share your porthales adventures use #porthales.


Give this a moment to load - there are a lot of assets.

Find a 'porthale', go on a scavanger hunt, see what adventures await. Write a story, poem, or song. Heed the risk. Full page view here.

Notes: The inner ellipse (click on the layers) has ~68% of the manholes, the middle has ~95%, and the outer has ~99.7%. The centroid of these portals is at the center of the ellipses.


I am Sophia Wood (Fractal Kitty) and I did this just for fun and community creativity.

I put together my work flow on kinopio

Some references and relevant links: